Book of Amac - designs of anarchy 
The point of this is to SHOW what the world and characters look like - storytelling is better suited to pure prose, this is good for illustrating the setting.

We want to show readers what Amac looks like, what his world looks like, who Amac is - demigod of anarchy, wanderer, ranger, manipulator, hunter. We must show that Amac does not believe so much in social heirarchy.
We must show his enemy, his allies, his followers, his territory.

The legacy circumstances have been established by the introduction story, so this will assume that's been read through. 

Amac wanders, free like a ranger in this dying world. 

He hunts, he watches the world as it slowly crumbles from tyranny and neglect.

He witnesses genocides and enslavement.

He pulls off a minor manipulation/machination to demonstrate his abilities and typical tactics,

Some event or communication convinces him that he cannot stand by and watch the world crumble any further, larger moves will have to be made. If he stands by longer, the world faces annihilation. 

He returns to the seat of hawk, he draws his bannermen to convene.

He sends his vassals to begin to weave grand designs against Basileus.

Show his vassal lords travelling far and wide to distant allies, uniting them against Basileus.

End with showing Amac equipping the ancient armour in his immortal machine.

In a crumbling world, a young god wanders

Amidst twisted trees and through distant shattered lands

Within sculpted ruins and beneath ravenous storms

Amongst the dead things piled up in abandoned rooms

His footsteps weave a subtle story

Of a primal nature that predates civilization

And an approaching end that must be avoided.

Somewhere behind him, his sons follow the tale

An unspoken but ever-present link between them, felt in the air

Lessons passed down from father to son, with nary a word spoken

A savage wandering savage lands, teaching savage things to noble men.

His manuscript whispered on the wind

Designs of Anarchy, an invitation to caged creatures

and immortal armour against the coming storm.

See Amac wandering through a range of apocalyptic environment, witnessed by various creatures.


stormy ruins

inside hall filled with opulence and the dead

All this time he was tracking an animal

kills it with his spear/knife

In hunting it, finds something undeniably apocalyptic.

His ranger sons and disciples feel his intent in the air

And begin to travel

word spreads

They all congregate in a dilapidated castle, amac leading discussion

His sons deliver his word to various factions around the globe

and those that are in the shadows begin to act

Amac emerges from the immortal machine equipped for war