commission status: open!

If you’ve been wanting to commission me, now’s your opportunity! Samples and a price list are below; these are starting at reduced rates for the first few customers, for a limited time only! I take half the payment up front, and half when the job is done. Once I receive the first payment, I can add you to my painting queue. I work on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner you commit the sooner your picture will get done!

Please send your character’s physical description, backstory, and any photo/art references to my email: Sometimes clients leave out key details (ie, skin color, eye color, age, etc.), so be sure to be thorough! My PayPal email is

Once I start work on your piece, you can watch me work on it live on my Twitch Channel! I stream all my art there five days a week!

Thanks for your interest!.


high quality


Deluxe quality

Price list

Portraits come with simple, abstract backgrounds as default. Full characters come with simple environments; if you have other requirements such as a detailed environment, multiple-character scenes, commercial rights, etc shoot me an email so we can discuss!


Shoulders-up Portrait High Quality $100

Waist-up Portrait High Quality $150

Full Character High Quality $200

Shoulders-up Portrait Deluxe Quality $200

Waist-up Portrait Deluxe Quality $300

Full Character Deluxe Quality $450

Deluxe quality