The whispers will always find those who fear; all they need is a tiny doubt, the smallest crack in an otherwise stoic mind, to begin their slow poisonous drip.  If allowed to fester, fear will overpower the mind first, driving the victim to hide themselves away.  Next, it will transform the body of the host, manifesting those fears in physical form.  Third, it will seek to spread, contaminate and infest further hosts.  Fear is not just an emotion, it is a virus, a corruption.The wailing cambion of fear are not themselves malicious, and instead hide away in dark places to escape that which might seek to harm them.  Their true danger comes from their mere presence: to be near one is to envisage terror itself, and risk your mind's stability; to hunt one is to risk becoming that which you seek to destroy.  These cambion come in many shapes and sizes, usually a grotesque blend of the disgusting, the horrific and the intimidating.(edited)



The Despoiled, rapespawn of the Twisted Ones

It is thought that when a being gives in to fear, hatred, anger or perversion so deeply that the demon gods creep into their souls, they transform into the cambion. Beings of demonic legacy, descendents of the demons spawned by Jiro's violation of Reyvaan. Generally their outward appearance is large, muscular and cruel, but human. Often they have traits that show their lineage, like horns, sharp teeth and other deformities, occasionally even being born as half beast monstrosities.

Children of the Twisted gods

Blighted and Cambion frequently live together, both outcast.  Blighted may choose to mate with Cambion as the children have a high chance of  being without the hereditory diseases and degenerations, but then also a high chance of 'demonic' characteristics.



Extremely common, extremely crude


They use what they can get


infrequent and crude

++ Cambion

The Demon gods couple with mortals, invariably through force, and birth the [Cambion], men with the blood of demons in their veins.  One of the most powerful the Nidean Zenitian Continent has come into contact with is the [Dreadlord]

Men from demonic legacy, descendents of the demon spawned by [Jiro]'s violation of [Reyvaan].  Generally their outward appearance is large, muscular and cruel, but human.  Often they have traits that show their lineage, like horns, sharp teeth and other deformities, occasionally even being born as half beast monstrosities.

They have built or siezed large settlements in the tundra and southern wastes, and from here raid the human and Jiroshi populations.

Their father's each have a dark tower from which they rule, around some of which are dark, shanty settlements.

They are not evil beings, but each being born without shame for their parents particular vice, being raised in the hostile Jiroshi wastelands, among the various tribes that compete for limited resources and positions of power, they tend toward a more aggressive, self serving and cruel spectrum of motivations.

The Cambion descendents of [Anger] are beasts blinded with rage, merciless killers always teetering on the edge of bloodlust.  They often resemble braying and snarling wild beasts, horned, fanged and lacking humanity.

The Cambion descendents of [Fear] are terrifying to look upon, the manifestations of mortal man's greatest fears. (elements of Spiders, skulls, insects, disease, snakes, twisted humanity etc) or simply have a distressing aura.

The Cambion descendents of [Hatred] are cold, calculating and seething.  Devious, they burn with contempt for all things, contriving ways to undermine and destroy.  They are skilled in combat and frequently wear glorious full plate mail, in blues, greens, yellows and oranges, covered in sculpted iconography.

The Cambion descendents of [Perversion] are lustful and twisted depictions of beauty and sexuality, sadomasochist, lithe and disturbing.  They capture and torture, crafting their victims into aberrations and abominations.

cambion - One of the descendants of the Jiroshi Demon Gods.  Named Cambion by natives and believed to be the children of demons, they were hunted and persecuted for centuries, ultimately sparking a deadly retaliation that would finally earn the Cambion their name.

gath the collector - The Cambion hunted the nomadic men, and occasionally even their Jiroshi cousins when they could be caught outside of their fortified hive cities, for both sport and for food.  Particular groups of Cambion were known to track and kill their own kind.  Whether this could be considered cannibalism due to Cambion ancestry being so broad is debated.

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