Children of the Sky

++ The Gods


[Horizon] Aun the Everseeing

[Sky] Empress

[Underworld] Emperor

Horizon beds both of his sisters

Earth bears 4 children, fathered by Horizon.

[Water] Queen

[Nature] Queen

[Storm] King

[Fire] King

whom collectively bring forth and nurture life, including men, drake and the titans. They choose the largest landmass to share amongst them as their domain.

Sky bears 4 children, 3 by Horizon and 1 secretly fathered by Underworld.

[Nidas|Nidas, The Ascending Light], King of the Dawn

[Zenit|Zenit, The Blazing Sun], Queen of High Noon

[Reyvaan|Reyvaan, The Falling Star], Queen of Dusk

[Jiro|Jiro, The Dark Embrace], King of Midnight, son of the underworld.

Horizon sculpts each life before it births, and at dawn sends it through the gate to the earth realm.

Underworld is banished to his kingdom under the earth, and shepherds the souls of the dead and those beings that are deemed ugly.

Dawn and Noon have 4 sons together:

[Amac|Amac, The First Prince], God of [Chaos] and Anarchy

[Bauric|Bauric, The Favored Prince], God of [Order] and Law

[Vaun|Vaun, The Artisan Prince], God of Creation and Artistry

[Raam|Raam, The Prince of Calamity], God of Destruction and Decline, He Who Killed The Sun

Noon dies birthing Destruction.

Midnight captures and imprisons Dusk, raping her and birthing the Demon Gods,

[Hatred] Prince

[Fear] Prince

[Anger] Prince

[Perversion] Prince/ss

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