two different kinds of.giant existed, the ancient Titans and the surviving monastic NideanGiants.  there was a civil war between the two and the ancients.we're wiped from. TheContinent.

The.NideanGiants came about when Nidas the EmperorBeing liaisoned with female titans in secrecy.  The outrage came when it was discovered that a princesses newly adult son was actually a Nidean bastard.  The titans declared war on Nidas and began slaying the.Nidean born.giants in their beds.  The bastard used his royal status to unite against the ancient giants, and soon the small.society was divided into two tribes.  despite the original giants sheer.size, the.Nidean born had GodsBlood in their veins, granting them the intellect to shape weapons and armor and the cunning of strategy and succeeded in over throwing the pagans.  an exterminatus began, the new faith Nidean wiping out the pagans.  apparently the surviving pagan fled across the ocean.

now the giants are a monastic noble order, led by the original Prince, they are smaller in size though mush more capable.  The original giants were more like elemental forces, the new like great Paladins and monks, that build and wear armour and use weapons.

The son grew to be smaller than normal, but much more.charismatic, stronger, smarter.  

now they war with the Githin, huge drake offshoots that have bred in the mountains, multiplying like a great cancer.

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