Knight of Northumberland

Sir Balan was brother to the legendery knight Sir Balin, whom frequently quested and adventured together. He was a force of calm aside his brothers unpredictable rage, his gentler nature soothing Balin’s fierce temper, until his brothers frenzy took Balan’s very life.

From the land of Northumberland, there hailed two brothers named Balin and Balan, both of whom were known for their valor and prowess as knights. It was said that Merlin had prophesied that the brothers, with their great strength and swordsmanship, would one day defeat the eleven rebel kings.

Balan seeks his newly freed brother

One day, Balan heard news that his brother had been freed from King Arthur's prison and had gone to meet him in a forest. When they met, the brothers removed their helmets and embraced, tears streaming down their faces. Balin told his brother of his adventures before being imprisoned, including how he had killed the Lady of the Lake and angered King Arthur, and how his lover had taken her own life, causing him much grief. Balan shared his brother's sorrow, but said to Balin that he must accept however fate chooses to lay out his adventures. Balin declared that he was on his way to the Castle of Terrabil to do battle with King Rience at Arthur's command, and Balan agreed to join him and fight by his side as brothers should.

The brothers ride to Terabil

From that point on, the lives of the two brothers were closely intertwined. They left the Castle of Four Stones and rode to Terrabil, where King Mark asked Balin for his name. Balan replied that he bore two swords, and so should be known as the "Knight with the Two Swords".

Balan is cursed

After the Battle of Terrabil, Merlin told Arthur that he would not see Balan again. And indeed, Balan found himself on an island where he was challenged to a joust by a knight whom he killed. However, he was then forced to joust with any knight who passed by, unable to leave the island. He was dressed in red and rode a horse dressed in the same color.

Balan unknowingly duels his brother

One day, a knight approached with two swords, and Balan would have thought him his own brother, but for the shield the knight bore. They clashed in a joust and fell to the ground, both unconscious. When Balan awoke, he drew his sword and struck the knight, who responded with a blow from a sword with a red hilt. The two fought a fierce battle, each dealing the other seven wounds that would have killed even the mightiest giant. The ground was soaked with their blood, and their hauberks were torn to shreds by the force of the blows. Eventually, Balan withdrew, and it was only then that the other knight asked who his opponent was. Balan declared his name, and the other knight fainted at the words. Balan, barely able to move, crawled to the unconscious knight's side and removed his helmet, but was barely able to recognize his brother's face due to the wounds and blood.

The two brothers are buried together

When Balin awoke, he realized what had happened and cursed the castle and its customs. The lady of the castle found them and Balan begged her to allow them to be buried together in the place where the battle had taken place, and to call a priest to give them the last rites. Balan died first, and then Balin.  The two brothers were buried side by side, their legacy as valiant knights forever etched in the annals of history.