the Red

the Killer of Pellam Castle

Sir Garlon the Red was a wicked knight, and brother to King Pellam who would become the Maimed King.

Hailing from the land of Listeneise, Garlon the Red was a bitter foe of Arthur and the noble knights of the Round Table. According to some, Garlon was the lover of Vivien, the Lady of the Lake.

Sir Garlon, the invisible killer

Possessing the power to render himself invisible, he delighted in treacherously slaying knights from behind, his victims including Sir Herlews and Sir Peryn. The people whispered of a demonic presence lurking in the land of Listeneise, unaware that the killer was the King’s own brother.

Sir Balin slays Sir Garlon

In his quest to bring the killer to justice, Sir Balin the Savage tracked Garlon to the castle of King Pellam, where he joined in the feast being held in the hall. But when Garlon appeared, his countenance dark and foreboding, Balin hesitated to confront him. It was only when Garlon either struck Balin on the back of the head (as told in the Post-Vulgate and Malory) or insulted Queen Guenevere (according to the accounts of Tennyson) that Balin's anger was sparked. Rising to his feet, he dealt Garlon a mortal blow, cleaving his head in two.

Sir Balin maims King Pellam

Enraged by the death of his brother, King Pellam demanded retribution, pursuing Balin throughout the castle. Balin came upon Longinus' Spear and, siezing it in self-defense, struck the king, thus inflicting the Dolorous Stroke that created the Waste Land.