This wiki is regarding The Fiction, a high fantasy world and mythopoeia of my own creation, which as yet has no name.  perhaps Citadel? something to do with The Vaults?

The central theme is built around a set of siblings, not unlike the Primarchs of the Horus Heresy and 40k universe.  The writings will debate philosophies and introduce readers to useful life concepts.






The Fiction has a few Inspirations, including Warhammer Fantasy, Horus Heresy, The Lord Of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Baldurs Gate.



There are 2 distinct storytelling time periods:  the War Among Princes, discussing the arrival of the extra-terrestrials onto the planet, their subsequent disagreements and the dividing of factions between 2 warrings sides

and the Age of Struggle and Desolation, where the huge Githin swarms have become so large as to have driven the central factions/races into the Jiroshi Hive cities as a means of survival, with small pockets of survivors existing outside such as the Clearwater Drake, Underkingdoms, Raam, etc

Storytelling is from the perspective of the second time period, the age of struggle, using an unreliable narrator.  The original extra terrestrials are called 'gods' and each race believes to be descended from each god, not completely untrue.

Technology through ages:

pregods, just tribal humans with stone tools and basic language.  Titans and githin arrive and hunt primal mankind

Gods arrive, introducing Drake and sky dragon hunting team, Pointy ears and reyvaan human-relations team, 4 elemental hunters team, and the 3 leading gods sky, horizon and earth.  They are young and have full scifi equipment.

Humans are taught language, metallurgy and other concepts, producing basic equipment .The teams break down and start infighting, expanding their numbers.

each gods humans get involved, and their feudal era technology and equipment is augmented and improved against protocol.

eventually the wars have gone so far and the situation so out of control, horizon sanctions use of some very advanced tech

finally, all the tech is looted and salvaged and sold in black markets and the like, becoming the most valuable commodoties

planet is a lost human colony, pointy ears already have some mixed human genetics and so can interbreed

Game things

roguelike items - grab a shield, and now auto block when stationary?  helmet and enemies dotn damage you if they collide from the tope eg fall on you from above, they bounce off with a tink noise

he brushed the flames from his shield arm

"Ha!" he mused, "Heh.  Ive been preparing for this confrontation my entire life, bolstering my mind against all potential weapons, every possible attack.  I saught out the greatest teachers; the greatest challenges.  I climbed the frozen peaks of Silnash, I wrestled the Titan wyrm of Biktoran to its doom, to temper myself.  And this is it?  This is what I come up against?  My great adversary? the sum power of all my enemies is naught but a candle flame?  Let me show you the depth of inferno, mewling ones.  Let me bring you to the edge of apocalypse."

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